Stump Removal Tips

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Stump Removal Tips

When a tree is cut, its stump is left fixed onto the ground. There are many reasons why you may decide to cut your tree. The common ones include the death of the tree, rot, termite damage, obstruction to your new construction project, hazard resulting from the tree’s branches falling, and damage to buildings and pavements. Unlike cutting down the tree, stump removal can present many challenges to you. Below is an example of a stump removal process.

Tools and Materials Needed

In this stump removal process, you will need a corded drill, 12 inch bit extension, safety glasses, and extension cord. Instead of a corded drill, you can also use a drill/driver. The recommended bit is a 1-inch spade bit. A bit with a slightly smaller or larger diameter can also be used. The main materials you will need for this process are a stump remover, kerosene, matchstick, and water. Before you start the process, make sure you have each of the tools and materials mentioned above.

Drilling holes in the stump

Start by removing as much of the stump top as possible with a chainsaw. It will reduce the amount of wood to be corroded away. Fit a 1-inch drill bit on the bit extension and connect it to the drill. Depending on the diameter of the stump, you should mark 3-5 spots to drill the holes. The holes should be about 4 inches from the wall of the stump and should be drilled at an angle of 45 degrees going towards the center. The holes provide the ventilation needed to achieve effective rotting.

Pouring stamp remover

Stump remover is produced from powdered potassium nitrate. The powder is stored in an enclosed can to keep moisture away. After you are through with drilling the 12-inch holes, pour the recommended amount of the stump remover into each hole and then fill the holes with water but do not flood them. The potassium nitrate powder will dissolve to form a solution that will then penetrate the stump. The solution is highly corrosive. However, the process will take about three to four weeks before it rots the whole stump.

Removing the rotten wood

Although you can break the stump with an ax, it can be cumbersome if the stump is big or if they are many. Burning the rotten wood is a better way to finish off your stump removal since it is entirely labor free. Start by pouring kerosene into the hole. Leave the kerosene to fully penetrate the stump before lighting it up. The penetration is a slow process and may take a couple of weeks. As soon as the rotten wood is thoroughly soaked in kerosene, light it up using a matchstick. The stump will smolder for days before leaving a charcoal-filled hole behind. Remember that you should fence the stump with a chicken wire during the whole stump removal process. Find out more about stump removal options @

If you are a busy person, or you have too many stumps to remove, it advisable to hire the specialists in tree services for your stump removal. These professionals have the expertise required to assure you of a fast and clean job.

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